We strive to help our clients and their attorneys strategize and build creative options to complicated settlement issues by understanding the short and long-term financial consequences of settlement options and help level the playing field when one party feels at a disadvantage due to lack of financial knowledge or experience.  Whether it is optimizing equity, aligning your assets with your financial goals, adjusting for life events, or preserving cash flow, we gather the data needed to make fully informed and intelligent decisions to help individuals and couples.

These services include:

A big picture analysis of what comes in and what goes out of a family’s bank accounts. Cash-flow analysis provides record of income and spending, but does not break spending down by category. A Cash-flow Analysis is helpful when making decisions regarding future budgets, as well as spousal maintenance and child support.

Also known as the standard of living established during the marriage. This is performed by a thorough review of all relevant financial statements (i.e. bank statements, credit card statements, investment records, etc. to examine spending on different lifestyle categories). A Lifestyle Analysis is valuable when making decisions regarding the division of marital assets, spousal maintenance, child support, and future budgets.

Assets can include such items as real-estate, property, cash, investments, and retirement accounts. Valuing and dividing these assets can be challenging. We can guide you in procuring the necessary documentation to value these assets as well as help you understand the post-tax consequences of various division and settlement decisions.

Non-marital property refers to property acquired by either spouse, most frequently before marriage, but also includes assets acquired through gifts and inheritance. The challenge comes when this property is then co-mingled with marital assets. We can trace non-marital property and help establish what should and should not be considered marital when dividing assets.

Income and expenses change when a family re-organizes through divorce. Projecting a future budget is vital when making decisions regarding child support and spousal maintenance. We can assist you as you look forward and project future expenses such as housing, transportation, insurance, etc. and help you understand how various settlement decisions will affect your financial situation both in the near future and long-term.

We can be hired as Advocates or as Neutrals. As advocates, we are hired by one party and work only for that individual, in partnership with their attorney, if applicable. As neutrals, we are hired by and work with both parties.

Your divorce is final! Now some of the real work begins. Your accounts need to be consolidated, QDROs completed, bank accounts closed, wills redone, etc. It can be very overwhelming! Let us help you be sure you don't miss anything important.  

Need for a trusted financial expert does not end when the divorce is final. We'll work with you as long as necessary to ensure that ALL of the terms of your settlement agreement are completed and you get all the assets you're entitled to. With a wealth of business referral partners, we can help make your first year on your own as peaceful as possible.


Creative Divorce Solutions services are provided on an hourly fee or retainer basis only, with a flat hourly fee of $250.00 and an upfront retainer fee of $2,500.00. Based on the information you provide, we will provide you with a written estimate of how long it will take us to develop your full financial plan.

By providing thorough written analysis, recommended solutions, and advice on negotiation for those embarking on a divorce, our goal is to turn uncertainty into clarity to ensure that you receive a financially smart divorce.  We take your goals, work with you to discover the best path to reach them, and define clear action steps to get you there.