How can Creative Divorce Solutions Help Me?

Many divorcing couples have the same common questions like:

  • Where will the children live?

  • Who will pay for their education and medical treatment?

  • Who gets the house?

  • How do we value our property?

  • What tax issues must we be concerned with?

  • How do we divide retirement funds and pensions?

  • How will the lower-earning spouse survive financially?

  • What additional financial support does that person need?

Our role is to assist our clients and their attorneys by providing experienced, objective advice in addressing the financial aspects of a divorce so that the most favorable outcome is achieved in a mutually respectful and solutions-oriented process. While attorneys provide guidance and reassurance regarding the legal process, there is often a void when it comes to thoroughly understanding the financial side of the equation. Whether you are working with a mediator, a collaborative team, or an attorney, a full understanding of your financial needs is critical to negotiate with confidence.

We assist individuals and couples understand the ramifications of subjects such as separate vs. community property, valuing and dividing property, retirement and pensions, continued health care coverage, spousal and child support, tax consequences, insurance and much more.  By offering insight into the pros and cons of different settlement proposals, we help you choose the option best aligned with your goals. And, the divorce is often only the beginning of the journey. Once finalized, sound investment decisions are essential. Clients frequently receive a sizeable settlement that includes assets requiring competent guidance and management and often feel financially ill equipped to effectively manage the settlement they received.  The services of a professional who can assist with the transition from financial dependence to financial independence is a key step following a divorce.