Consultant Services for Attorneys and Mediators

The most common questions Divorce Professionals have are around the Marital Home and Spousal Maintenance.

"I know the wife shouldn't get any maintenance but I don't know how to prove it."   WE CAN HELP!

"I know my client is entitled to maintenance but I'm not sure how much really makes sense."  WE CAN HELP!

"My client wants to stay in the house but can't qualify to refinance. What can we do?"  WE CAN OFFER SOLUTIONS!

Don't risk your career advising on financial issues that are not your specialty.

We also offer A'la Carte services for the following:

  • Pension Valuations.

  • Stock Options and Executive Compensation.

  • 401(k) Community Property Valuation.

  • Lifestyle Analysis (Critical for business owners that filter expenses through a business and need an accurate statement of earnings to determine income available for maintenance).

  • Maintenance Buy-out Calculations.


Since 1993, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) has been the most established and recognized designation in financial planning for divorce.